Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education Facility Available at KIA Campus

These infrastructure facilities support the students to participate in the Inter-collegiate, Inter-University, Open tournaments, State and National sports, and game events. Ground preparation, cleaning, and maintenance are done routinely and monitored by physical education staff. Our students have excelled in various sports and games at district, zonal, University, and National levels.

Intramural college sports for staff and students

The department organises interclass tournaments regularly among staff and students to foster a healthy relationship and camaraderie. The students are divided into four houses – Sachin Legends, Milka Mustangs, Pillai Riders, and Anand Harks. Separate tournaments are also organized for the staff members to refresh and enjoy.

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day is celebrated every year during the last week of April. Events are organized separately for boys and girls and also between students and staff members. Winners are recognized by awarding prizes and certificates. Winners at ICT, SIICAA, State and Universities level are appreciated on that occasion.

Republic Day and Independence Day

The college celebrates Republic Day and Independence Day with all reverence to inculcate national and patriotic fervour among the students. As part of celebrations, the department organised a Mini Marathon Race of 6 km for male students and staff, 3 km for lady staff & girls on January 26, 2020, on the theme “Health is Wealth.” A total of 220 members participated in the event.

Games and sports No. Of Facility
Basketball 1
Volleyball 3
Football 1
Kabbadi 1
Kho-Kho 1
Ball  badminton 2
Hockey 1
Throw ball 1
Indoor Games
Table tennis 1
Chess 2
Carrom 2
Gymnasium 2
Shuttle 2
Track and Field
Track: 200 mts track 1
Long jump and triple jump Pit 1
Shot put 1
Discuss throw 1
Name of Sports Level of Participation Award/Recognition
Uni. Zonal National Uni. Zonal National















Foot Ball





Table tennis












The hostel is a second home to students inculcating discipline, a sense of responsibility, and feelings for others. The college has separate and well-equipped hostel facilities for boys and girls constructed in an area of 65000 sq. ft within the campus. The hostel rooms are well-furnished with the required amenities for the comfortable stay of the students.

The accommodation facilities in the KIA hostels are given below:

S.No Hostel No.of Rooms Room Size No of Students / Room
1. Boys 84 17×12 3
2. Girls 71 16×16 4

The hostel rooms have all the required amenities for a comfortable stay that includes cots, cupboards, tables, locker facilities, and mosquito-proofed windows. The caretakers in both hostels give utmost importance to cleanliness.

Each hostel has two numbers of RO purifiers. Fire safety measures are in place in the hostel premises. The power generators (62.5KVA) assure an uninterrupted power supply. Adequate bathroom and toilet facilities are available in both hostels. There are 48 bathrooms and 60 toilets in the boys’ hostel, 36 bathrooms and 36 toilets in the girls’ hostel. The girls’ hostel has four Incinerators installed for the disposal of sanitary napkins.

The hostels provide a Wi-Fi connection of 24×7 with 50 Mbps per sec speed (unlimited usage), a Reading Room, and a TV Room. The boys’ hostel has a Gymnasium (30X17) and has facilities for indoor games such as Chess, Carroms, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Volleyball are provided for boys. The girls’ hostel also has a Gymnasium (30X20) and facilities for Volleyball, Throwball, Chess, and Carroms. The hostels also have adequate facilities for drying the washed clothes exposed to sunlight.

Hostel premises are well secured 24×7 with CCTV cameras (2 Numbers in each hostel. Security personnel is positioned 24×7 on a shift basis. Each hostel has a Deputy Warden, Mess Warden, Residential Tutors, and Caretakers for effective management. Deputy Warden and Residential Tutors are residing in the hostel and accessible all the time. They are available over the phone and through other modes of communication.

The students can be taken to VMK hospital 2kms away for medical consultation and treatment whenever needed. The hospital is under the Sakthi Foundation, which runs the college. A separate vehicle with a driver 24×7 is available for transportation of students to the hospital.

KIA offers separate dining facilities for boys, girls, and staff. The Mess has an equipped modernized kitchen with steam cooking, bain-marie, cold room, water purifiers, dining halls, and invertors for an uninterrupted power supply. Each dining hall is furnished with granite tables and stools and can accommodate about 150 students.

The Principal constitutes the Mess Committee. The committee includes wardens, deputy wardens, mess wardens, residential tutors, and student representatives from each year to manage the messes effectively. Mess menu is decided and revised once in three months based on the feedback obtained from students. The Hindu English newspaper is made available to all rooms. The notice boards in hostels display day-to-day communications. A suggestion box is fixed in front of both hostels. Guest room facilities are also available to accommodate the guests.

The purchase of groceries and milk is from the reputed wholesale agencies in the region. The mess has qualified account staff, managers, and clerks to look after the finances. FSSAI has accredited KIA’s mess. A biometric system monitors the student’s movement in the hostel. Adequate care in mosquito control measures is done every week in the hostel premises.

Books in Library

Books in Library

List of Books in the Library – Discipline Wise

S.No Discipline No. of Titles No. of Copies
1. Agronomy 201 882
2. Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry 139 398
3. Agricultural Microbiology 35 121
4. Crop Physiology 29 166
5. Environmental Science 15 74
6. Animal Husbandry 10 21
7. Plant Breeding & Genetics 75 331
8. Biotechnology 75 331
9. Seed Science & Technology 14 63
10. Biochemistry 25 93
11. Agricultural Entomology 101 209
12. Plant Pathology 120 402
13. Nematology 19 76
14. Sericulture 1 15
15. Horticulture 285 569
16. Food Science 23 60
17. Agricultural Economics 66 241
18. Agricultural Extension 84 338
19. Agricultural Engineering 37 136
20. Mathematics & Statistics 23 107
21. English 128 244
22. Tamil 254 542
23. General Knowledge 252 417
24. Yoga 111 156
Total 2091 5844

List of Journals (National/International)/ Magazines

S.No Journals Periodicity
1. Agricultural Economics Research Association Half-yearly
2. The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences Monthly
3. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences Monthly
4. Indian Farming Monthly
5. The Indian Journal of Fisheries Quarterly
6. Indian Horticulture Bimonthly
7. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Quarterly
8. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Quarterly
9. Indian Journal of Horticulture Quarterly
10. Journal of Ornamental Horticulture Quarterly
11. Annals of Horticulture Half-yearly
12. Current Horticulture Half-yearly
13. Indian Journal of Microbiology Quarterly
14. Indian Journal of Agronomy Quarterly
15. ORYZA-An International Journal on Rice Quarterly
16. Indian Journal of Extension Education Quarterly
17. Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing Quarterly
18. Indian Journal of Entomology Quarterly
19. Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems Half-yearly
20. Journal of Plant Disease Sciences Half-yearly
21. Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru) Bimonthly
22. Legume Research – An International Journal Bimonthly
23. PratiyogitaDarpan Monthly
24. Down to Earth Fortnightly
25. Yojana Monthly
26. Kurukshetra Monthly
27. Economic & Political Weekly Weekly
28. International Journal of Biotechnology Research Half-yearly
29. India Journal of Biotechnology Quarterly
30. Indian Journal of Ecology Quarterly
31. Annals of Plant Production Sciences Half-Yearly
32. Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology Half-Yearly
33. Indian Phytopathology Quarterly
34. PasumaiVikatan Fortnightly
35. UzhavarinValarumVelanmai Monthly
36. Sportstar Weekly
37. Spic PannaiSeithi Bimonthly
38. Kisan World Monthly
39. Agrobios Monthly
40. SeithiMadal Monthly
41. Om Sakthi Monthly
42. NamathuAriviyal Monthly
43. KaazhnadaiVezhaanmai Monthly
44. PachaiBoomi Monthly
45. Suthasanmargam Monthly
46. Velan Murasu Monthly
47. Thannambikka Monthly
48. Kalachuvadu Monthly
49. Tara Blooms online Monthly
50. The Week Weekly
51. Employment news Weekly

List of News Papers

S.No News Papers Periodicity
1. The Hindu (English) Daily total no of copies- 110
2. Hindu TamilThesai (Tamil) Daily
3. Dhina Malar Daily
4. Daily Thanthi Daily
5. Dhina Mani Daily
6. Indian Express Daily
7. Business Line Daily

Staff Strength

The library is administered by the Principal through the Library Incharge, a senior teaching faculty nominated by the principal for this purpose who in addition to his routine duties shall look after the library activities. An Assistant Librarian has been appointed to exclusively attend on the duties pertaining to the library and to cater the needs of the students in the library.

Library Timing

The library facility is available for students and staff members from morning 9.00 am to evening 6.30 pm.

Book Borrowings

Each student is provided with two numbers of library cards against which books can be borrowed from the library. The lent book can be retained by the students for a period of maximum fourteen days. If the student desires to retain the book with himself/herself for their references and assignment works, the same can be renewed again. There is no bar on the renewals permitted to the students.

Additional Facilities

The library is also equipped with High Speed internet and Wi-Fi facilities (20 MBPS) through which staff members and Students can access e-books and online journals. The library is also provided with Reprographic facility. The library has been made a comfortable zone for the students to make reading a pleasure by providing comfortable furniture, aeration, ventilation and drinking water facility.



There are eleven students clubs in the college, for which the Principal is the Patron and it is steered by the Staff Advisor assisted by Associate Staff Advisor and Assistant Director Physical Education. The students of all the four years are members of the various clubs.

Students – clubs are formed to bring out talents of the students and each club will have a staff associate to guide the club. Club Secretaries and Games Secretaries are elected from the final year students and the Joint secretaries are elected from third year and second year. There will be equal representation of boys and girls in the leadership.

List of Staff Associates and Secretaries in various clubs of 2022 is as follows:

Patron : Dr. B.J.Pandian, Principal, KIA
Staff Advisor : Dr. S. Hemalatha, Asst. Professor (SS&AC)
Associate Staff Advisor : Mrs. M. Maheshwari, Asst. Professor (PAT)
Asst. Director (Physical Education) : Mr. A. Gopinath, Asst. Director (PED)
Club Secretary : Mr. Tamil Selvan. A, IV B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture
Joint Club Secretary : Miss. Tharshini. V, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture
Games Secretary : Mr. Sohil. G.B, IV B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture
Joint Games Secretary : Miss. Pavithra. V, IV B.Sc. (Ag.)
S.No Name of the Club Secretaries Staff Associates
1. Dramatic and Literary Secretary Mr. Sathiyanathan. S, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Joint Secretaries Miss. Bhuvaneshwari. S, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mr. Pranav Anand A B, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Dr. C. Sangeetha Asst. Professor (AGR) Mr. R. Thirumalai Rajan Asst. Professor (ENG)
2. Fine Arts and Music Secretary Miss. Snega Priya. S, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Joint Secretaries Mr. Ragulraj. G.K, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Miss. Afra Fathima R, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mrs. R. Deepa Asst. Professor (Biochemistry) Dr. V. Karthika, Asst. Professor (ENS)
3. Tamil Ilakiya Mandram Secretary Miss. Vishnu Priya. D, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture v Joint Secretaries Mr. Srisaran. R, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mr. Nithish Krishna R, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mrs. M. Maheshwari, Asst. Professor (PAT)
4. Science and Technology Secretary Mr. Ananthakumar. R, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Joint Secretaries Miss. Harine. M, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mr.Jose JR Anto, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Dr. N. Arun Kumar, Asst. Professor (AGM) Dr. R. Priyanka, Asst. Professor (PAT)
5. Hiking and Trekking Secretary Mr. Nikhil KumarD, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Joint Secretaries Miss. Subasri.K, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mr.Praneesh P, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Dr. K. Shoban Chakravarthy, Asst. Professor (AGR) Dr. M. Kokila, Asst. Professor (SST)
6. Narumugizh – College Magazine Secretary Miss. Mauniga.K.G, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Joint Secretaries Mr. Udhaya Shankar. R.G, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Miss. Anukeerthana S.J, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mr. K. Gobalakrishnan, Asst. Professor (FOR) Mrs. P. Abarna, Asst. Professor (MAT)
7. Photography and Gallery Club Secretary Mr. Yuvanesan. C, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Joint Secretaries Miss. Akalya. D, IV B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Miss. Haniskka A.B, III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Mr. Sreeramsethupathi .V III B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Dr. V. Dhinesh, Asst. Professor (SAC) Mr. L. Mohan, Asst. Professor (FPE)

Each club will conduct programmes and every year inter class competitions are held among the students in the name of UTSAV with a healthy competitive spirit. National and International days like National Science Day (28th Feb.), World Soil day (5th Dec.), World Environment Day (5th June), International Women’s Day (8th March) are celebrated by the students club by conducting competitions and programmes.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Inter collegiate cultural competitions organized by other agricultural colleges all over the country.

Apart from these clubs, the Manavar Uzhavar Mandram (Students Farmer Forum) and Students Innovation Centre have started to make students to get hands on experience with the farming practices and to give shape to their innovative ideas.