Placement Future Plans

Placement Future Plans

Entrepreneurship Development Plan

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) will be devised on the Campus soon. The preliminary works are going on. The interested students can enroll in EDC. The cell will expose students to the opportunities of Agri-Entrepreneurship through guest lectures, periodical exposure visits, participation in various Idea thon and Entrepreneurship related exhibitions and competitions. They get a platform to familiarise themselves with Business Incubators (preferably Agri-Business Incubators, TNAU) to scale up their ideas. After sensing their aptitude in Agri-Entrepreneurship, the students will form groups based to share ideas.

Seed Fund Scheme (SFS)

An amount of credit (one to two lakhs) without interest will be provided to an eligible group of 2 to 5 students (Third & Final years) to stimulate their interest in agri-entrepreneurship. An expert committee comprising Principal, PC Officers, and Subject experts will select the group based on their idea on agriculture, horticulture, farm machinery, livestock, fishery, post-harvest & value addition, marketing. The students can use KIA Farm. The Institute will provide technical support, land, threshing flour, storage godown, water, and other necessary items for producing goods free of cost in the initial stage. The students have to repay the amount within two years from the production year.

Entrepreneurship – Women

It aims to train the women graduates with a couple of entrepreneurship activities. The thrust areas in the plan are food processing, pulses, rice, and wheat flour making, papad making, masala, and pickles using the pieces of equipment in the institute. It also plans for a crash course on Women Entrepreneurship for six months or one year (150-200 hours per course).