The college has two farms namely South Farm (18.00 ha) and North Farm (24.0 ha). These farms are used for conducting various field practical and offering hands-on training to the students. Both farms are having adequate number of tractors, farm implements, tools and other machineries for providing hands-on training to the students.

South Farm

South Farm area spreads over an area of 45 acres. The soil is of irregular series red sandy loam irrigated by bore wells. Drip irrigation has been installed besides ware harvest structures in this farm. Different instructional units such as crop cafeteria and IFS unit (comprising farm pond (fish + duckery), dairy, poultry – broiler / layer and quail and elevated goat rearing are in place for instructional purpose and imparting training to the farmers.

North Farm

North Farm of KIA occupies an area of 60 acres. The farm has six blocks wherein different horticultural crops are being cultivated for conducting field practical’s and hands-on training to students. The following are some of the instructional units created in the North Farm for educating the students and to train the farmers.

The cropping pattern followed and instructional unit located in different blocks of the farm is shown below:

Block Crops/Unit
A Block Banana, Annual Moringa, Kitchen Garden, Curry Leaf and Field Laboratory
B Block Mango, Polyhouse, Shade nets, Mist Chamber,Trellis Vegetables, Grapes, Annona, Nursery and Bore well
C Block Jasmine, Neerium, B Class Meteorological Observatory, Herbal Garden, Surface Tank with Solar Power, Drip irrigation through Solar pump, Sweet Potato, Rose Garden, Jamun, Jack Arka block and Bamboo
D Block Guava, Sapota, Pomegranate, Acid Lime, Sweet Orange, and Amla
E Block Banana, Melia, Minor Fruits, Tapioca and Woodlot
F Block Agro-forestry, Teasle gourd, and Coconut