Social Sciences

Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences deals with the transfer of technologies, value chain analysis, production and marketing efficiency of agricultural and horticultural crops. Courses on social sciences will focus on developing agro-based entrepreneurship skills among the students through hands-on training and field exposure visits. This department will also mold the students to be competent to face the demands of the job market. This domain includes

Agricultural Economics

During the farmers field visits, the students are exposed to crop planning, adoption of technology, cost of production and cost of cultivation. While marketing visits, the students are learning the operations of existing regulated market, cooperative market, direct marketing, wholesale and retail marketing. In this course, Assessment of Demand Supply, price determination of Agricultural Commodities through market arrivals through suitable software is also taught to the students.

Agricultural Extension

Students are exposed to basics concepts related to rural sociology and educational psychology. Students learn the practical applications of important sociological and psychological concepts. This course intends to expose students to the fundamentals of following areas:
  • 1. Extension education
  • 2. Extension systems in India
  • 3. Programme Planning
  • 4. Rural Development Efforts
  • 5. Extension Administration

To impart knowledge to the students on different extension methods and approaches used for transfer of agricultural technology. This course will also provide an opportunity to students to visit different organizations involved in extension activities and rural development work. Students become self-confident individuals by mastering inter-personnel skills, team management skills, and leadership skills. Students are engaged to village for Practicing PRA Techniques in a Village Setting and they made to survey in local village to Understand the Socio Cultural and Agricultural Related Problems being Encountered by the Villagers/ Farmers. Students are exposed to visit State Department of Agriculture to understand the organizational setup, roles, functions and various schemes, likewise to study the Organizational Set up and Functions of District Rural Development.

Agricultural Rural Management

The practical on this course gives an opportunity to the students to visit the successful Entrepreneurs and leading business houses. While the visit to the spot helps the students in understanding the working of the organization, the meeting with the Entrepreneurs provides an opportunity to interact with them, who will share their experiences with the students. This will act as a motivation to the students to take up Entrepreneurship as their career. Students are taken in to different industries and that will help the students to start the industries by own.


The English course aims to make the students competent and well versed in the English language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing which are essential for the youth of today to meet the challenges in the changing global scenario. It also prepares them to be future ready for the career by offering training in interview skills, group discussion techniques, communication skills etc.

Statistics and Mathematics

The students are taught about fundamental concepts of statistical applications in agriculture and allied sciences and to acquire knowledge on the theoretical concepts of data collection, graphical and diagrammatical representation of data, descriptive statistics, sampling methods, testing of hypothesis, correlation, regression, ANOVA and basic design of experiments. Students are also trained in statistical softwares like SPSS, SYSTAT, R Programmes etc. In mathematics, Students were taught about the applications and fundamental concept of mathematics applicable in biology and to acquire about theoretical concepts of Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Mathematical Modelling.