The hostel is a second home to students inculcating discipline, a sense of responsibility, and feelings for others. The college has separate and well-equipped hostel facilities for boys and girls constructed in an area of 65000 sq. ft within the campus. The hostel rooms are well-furnished with the required amenities for the comfortable stay of the students.

The accommodation facilities in the KIA hostels are given below:

S.No Hostel No.of Rooms Room Size No of Students / Room
1. Boys 84 17×12 3
2. Girls 71 16×16 4

The hostel rooms have all the required amenities for a comfortable stay that includes cots, cupboards, tables, locker facilities, and mosquito-proofed windows. The caretakers in both hostels give utmost importance to cleanliness.

Each hostel has two numbers of RO purifiers. Fire safety measures are in place in the hostel premises. The power generators (62.5KVA) assure an uninterrupted power supply. Adequate bathroom and toilet facilities are available in both hostels. There are 48 bathrooms and 60 toilets in the boys’ hostel, 36 bathrooms and 36 toilets in the girls’ hostel. The girls’ hostel has four Incinerators installed for the disposal of sanitary napkins.

The hostels provide a Wi-Fi connection of 24×7 with 50 Mbps per sec speed (unlimited usage), a Reading Room, and a TV Room. The boys’ hostel has a Gymnasium (30X17) and has facilities for indoor games such as Chess, Carroms, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Volleyball are provided for boys. The girls’ hostel also has a Gymnasium (30X20) and facilities for Volleyball, Throwball, Chess, and Carroms. The hostels also have adequate facilities for drying the washed clothes exposed to sunlight.

Hostel premises are well secured 24×7 with CCTV cameras (2 Numbers in each hostel. Security personnel is positioned 24×7 on a shift basis. Each hostel has a Deputy Warden, Mess Warden, Residential Tutors, and Caretakers for effective management. Deputy Warden and Residential Tutors are residing in the hostel and accessible all the time. They are available over the phone and through other modes of communication.

The students can be taken to VMK hospital 2kms away for medical consultation and treatment whenever needed. The hospital is under the Sakthi Foundation, which runs the college. A separate vehicle with a driver 24×7 is available for transportation of students to the hospital.

KIA offers separate dining facilities for boys, girls, and staff. The Mess has an equipped modernized kitchen with steam cooking, bain-marie, cold room, water purifiers, dining halls, and invertors for an uninterrupted power supply. Each dining hall is furnished with granite tables and stools and can accommodate about 150 students.

The Principal constitutes the Mess Committee. The committee includes wardens, deputy wardens, mess wardens, residential tutors, and student representatives from each year to manage the messes effectively. Mess menu is decided and revised once in three months based on the feedback obtained from students. The Hindu English newspaper is made available to all rooms. The notice boards in hostels display day-to-day communications. A suggestion box is fixed in front of both hostels. Guest room facilities are also available to accommodate the guests.

The purchase of groceries and milk is from the reputed wholesale agencies in the region. The mess has qualified account staff, managers, and clerks to look after the finances. FSSAI has accredited KIA’s mess. A biometric system monitors the student’s movement in the hostel. Adequate care in mosquito control measures is done every week in the hostel premises.

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