Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education Facility Available at KIA Campus

These infrastructure facilities support the students to participate in the Inter-collegiate, Inter-University, Open tournaments, State and National sports, and game events. Ground preparation, cleaning, and maintenance are done routinely and monitored by physical education staff. Our students have excelled in various sports and games at district, zonal, University, and National levels.

Intramural college sports for staff and students

The department organises interclass tournaments regularly among staff and students to foster a healthy relationship and camaraderie. The students are divided into four houses – Sachin Legends, Milka Mustangs, Pillai Riders, and Anand Harks. Separate tournaments are also organized for the staff members to refresh and enjoy.

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day is celebrated every year during the last week of April. Events are organized separately for boys and girls and also between students and staff members. Winners are recognized by awarding prizes and certificates. Winners at ICT, SIICAA, State and Universities level are appreciated on that occasion.

Republic Day and Independence Day

The college celebrates Republic Day and Independence Day with all reverence to inculcate national and patriotic fervour among the students. As part of celebrations, the department organised a Mini Marathon Race of 6 km for male students and staff, 3 km for lady staff & girls on January 26, 2020, on the theme “Health is Wealth.” A total of 220 members participated in the event.

Games and sports No. Of Facility
Basketball 1
Volleyball 3
Football 1
Kabbadi 1
Kho-Kho 1
Ball  badminton 2
Hockey 1
Throw ball 1
Indoor Games
Table tennis 1
Chess 2
Carrom 2
Gymnasium 2
Shuttle 2
Track and Field
Track: 200 mts track 1
Long jump and triple jump Pit 1
Shot put 1
Discuss throw 1
Name of Sports Level of Participation Award/Recognition
Uni. Zonal National Uni. Zonal National















Foot Ball





Table tennis










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