KonguNaatuKalnadaiThiruvizha (KNKT)

Under the aegis of Vanavarayar Foundation, the KonguNaatuKalnadaiThiruvizha (KNKT) was organized in a grand manner for three days from Feb. 9-11, 2018 at JaminSamathur village, Pollachi, Coimbatore district. KIA has arranged a stall and exhibits related to different technologies in agriculture and Horticulture in such a way to create awareness on new farm technologies and self-employment opportunities. Scientists and Students had created several exhibits and models on different agricultural technologies, which were received well by the farmers. Around sixty thousand visitors including farmers, students and general public participated and were benefitted by KNKT 2018.

During the year 2019, the event KNKT is renamed as KonguNaatuVelanmai and KalnadaiThiruvizha (KVKT). KIA played a major role in this Thiruvizha by creating a Model Village in an half an acre area. Live demonstrations on Rice variety CO-52, Hydroponics method of fodder cultivation, Vertical Farming, IFS (fish + poultry + a slated floor goat rearing unit + rabbit + Japanese quail) etc., were organized. To encourage self-employment, live demonstrations on biofertilizers production, vermicomposting, coir pith composting, silkworm rearing, spirulina production, bio-control agents production and preparation of value added products, from minor millets were also conducted.

Successful entrepreneurs such as Aiswaryam Organics, M.M.Spirulina, Emerald Bio fertilizers, Guru Associates, Dharmapuri Farmers Producers Organisation and SRK Food Products and the NGO NilgirisAdivasi Welfare Association (NAWA) also displayed their products in the Model Village. In addition, a Quiz Programme was conducted for the farmers and the winners were presented with vegetable seed packets. Around one lakh visitors including farmers, students and general public participated and were benefitted by KVKT 2019.

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