Dr. K.S. Usharani

Dr. K.S. Usharani

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Dr. K.S. Usharani

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Assistant Professor


Crop Improvement




ASRB NET 1080500715


usharani_pbg@kia.ac.in, usharaniagri@gmail.com

Teaching Experience

KIA – DOJ: 04.08.2022 ; Others – 3 years & amp; 4 months


1. Usharani, K.S. and Ananda Kumar, C.R. 2015. Mutagenic effects of gamma rays and EMS on frequency and spectrum of chlorophyll mutations in urdbean (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper). Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8(10), 927-933.

2. Usharani, K.S., C.R. Ananda Kumar and C. Vanniarajan. 2017. Fixation of Lethal Dose50 and Effect of Mutagens in M1 Generation under Laboratory Condition. International Journal of Current microbiology and applied sciences, 6(7): 1356-1365.

Research articles

17 Nos

Conference papers/ attended

28 Nos

Books (With ISBN)

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Awards Won

  • 1. Best Researcher Award for the outstanding excellence and remarkable achievements in the field of Research and Publications for the year 2017 by International Research & Development Publisher (IRDP) – Chennai
  • 2. Young Scientist Award 2016 by Centre for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) of Venus International Foundation – Chennai
  • 3. Best Poster Presentation Award 2016 during International Conference on Advancing Frontiers in Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture and Health – Society of Biotechnology.
  • 4. Scientist Associate Award 2015 by Society for scientific development in Agriculture & Technology – Astha Foundation, Meerut.